Fruit 2050, The event for fruit industry professionals during SIVAL

16 and 17 January 2018

logo FRUIT 2050 GBFRUIT 2050 is a new event within SIVAL, an international trade fair for taking place from the 16th - 18th January 2018 in Angers Exhibition Center.

This unique and innovative event is aimed at European fruit industry professionals, and seeks to include both experts and the  general public in a discussion about the future of fruit production, as well as its economic, environmental and social challenges.


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Orchards, beneficial for the environment?
#water #earth #carbon #inputs
Where is the R&D in this area?

 With both society and the media often ill-disposed towards arboriculture, it is even more essential to highlight the new initiatives and practices that are making orchards more environmentally friendly. These numerous, yet unknown initiatives are often developed on crops other than fruit trees, and some are still in the early research stages. They have a proven environmental impact, especially on soil quality, water quality and availability, and reducing agricultural inputs.

Symposium is organized by VEGEPOLYS and GIS Fruits

>> Tuesday 16th January, 2:30pm, Loire room, (SIVAL, Angers Exhibition Center)
>> Free access - Register now



Inspired by the États Généraux de l'Alimentation, and in light of increasingly urgent social and environmental challenges, SIVAL and Interfel are organising a PUBLIC DEBATE on the transition towards environmentally-friendly practices. Industry professionals and scientific experts will be available to answer your questions!

Becoming more environmentally friendly - a collective effort.
How can the fruit and vegetable industry collectively respond to the challenge of moving towards environmentally-friendly practices?

Hosted by Mac LESGGY, presenter and scientific expert for M6

After this event, there will be cocktail reception themed around fruit and vegetables.

>> Tuesday 16th January, 7pm (in Greniers Saint-Jean, Angers)
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Apples: how to produce them differently in the future to respond to consumer demand?

Organisé par le Ctifl, le Forum des productions fruitières est dédié aux opérateurs de la filière.

>> Wednesday 17th January, 9:30am, Loire room (SIVAL, Angers Exhibition Center)
>> Free access - Register now


FOR MORE INFORMATION : Morgane SAGLIO - Tél. +33 (0)2 41 93 40 54




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