EUROVITI / Vineyard decline: Wood diseases : public and private research scientific discoveries

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  • Agronomy and production techniques
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- Salle MAINE - 9h45 - 12h45

Simultaneous interpretation

During the 2020 Euroviti symposium, stakeholders in public and private researche will present the results of the Advantage project and breakthroughs in other projects of the National Scheme, focusing on three topics: symptoms detection by imaging, impact of decline on yield and control strategies. As usual, discussions between the panelists and the audience -operators of the sector and technicians, will enrich the debates so as to develop this vineyard decline control together.

Moderator: Christophe Riou, IFV-CNIV

09:45 Welcome
Olivier Brault, President of the Val de loire and Centre Sector - Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin (French Institute for Vineyards and Wines)

10:00 Organising research to face vineyard decline

  • 10:00 “French National Scheme to control vineyard decline”, Christophe Riou, IFV-CNIV
  • 10:10 "Advantage: A public/private collaborative project on wood diseases”, Patricia Letousey, Agrauxine by Lesaffre

10:20 Detection of wood disease symptoms and monitoring of pathogens by imaging

  • "Detection of wood disease symptoms by proxy and telediction”, Christian Germain, Bordeaux Science-Agro
  • "New imaging techniques to study and monitor wood diseases in vineyards", Cédric Moisy, IFC

11 :10 Modelling the impact of decline on yields 

  • 11:10 "Assessment of plot yield with a mechanistic model: toward a better quantification of wood disease impact ", Marion Carrier, CybeleTech
  • 11:25 "Diagnosis and ranking method for the causes of low yields in plots ", Marion Claverie, IFC

11 :50 Strategies to control vineyard decline

  • 11:50 "Selecting solutions to control wood diseases – product impacts first results ", Florence Fontaine, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne
  • 12:15 "Mobilisation and innovation in the wine growing community – networks of wine growers to test and transfer innovative practices to control vineyard decline ", Thomas Chassaing, Association Technique Viticole du Maine-et-Loire


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