Cider making symposium - IFPC: Maitrise de la qualité et innovation organoleptique des produits cidricoles

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  • Agronomy and production techniques
- Salons LOIRE - 09h30 - 12h00



Controlling quality and organoleptic innovations for cider products

The commercial development of cider products means answering the markets expectations and innovating to attract new consumers.

Obtaining a quality product when bottling is not enough since this quality must be kept in the bottle throughout the normal shelf life of the product or at least its evolution must be kept moderate.

For example, some complex reactions involving different apple molecules (phenolic compounds, proteins) can lead to fogging or cloudiness as is the case for the pommeau.
Excessive spurting can exceptionally happen in cider making even though all the parameters for carbon dioxide content are under control.

Similarly, the evolutions of cider aromas must be controlled. Some natural floras may indeed turn the flavour of a cider into a totally different profile from the original one.

The aroma component of ciders is an interesting research area for innovation and the research that started a few years ago, is bringing first answers about exiting possibilities.
Finally, colour is a quality component that consumers can easily see and a key factor to diversify the sensory approach of ciders. Rosé ciders particular have known a commercial success. R&D ongoing works are trying to identify and improve red flesh varieties from an agronomic and technological standpoint on the one hand and to better manage those pigments responsible for this original colour on the other hand.

The 2019 Cider meeting will offer an update on the various components of cider product quality.

9:30 – 9:40
Cider meeting opening session
Denis ROULAND (Président de l’Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles)

9:40 – 10:10
The Management of cloudiness in pommeaux: current practices and input of new knowledge Pascal POUPARD (IFPC) - Jean-Paul SIMON (Chambre Régionale d’Agriculture de Normandie)

10:10 – 10:30
Cider spurting: How can we detect it in advance and deal with it?

10:30 – 11:00
Cider aroma, what is the situation in 2019?

11:00 – 11:30
Rosé cider: what kind of apples? What are the factors that influence colour stability?



11h30 Cider meeting Closing session
Cocktail and cider tasting


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