ASTREDHOR technical meetings: Alternate methods for plant protection

  • Horticulture
  • Perfume, medicinal and aromatic plants
  • All sectors
  • Agronomy and production techniques
- Salle AUBANCE - 10h - 13h
Speakers : Alain FERRE, Directeur technique de la station d’expérimentation Arexhor Pays de la Loire / Bruno PARIS, Animateur UMT FioriMed / Marc-Antoine CANNESAN, Chargé d’expérimentation d’ASTREDHOR Seine-Manche

10:00 am – 11:00 am 
SAM : a decision making support tool to optimise production in horticulture and greenhouses

Speaker : Bruno PARIS, Animateur UMT FioriMed

Environmental acceptability of horticultural crops is today challenged because of the use of pesticides. FioriMed, a technological centre, is developing a decision making support tool called SAM. It is used to monitor crops and to foster knowledge of epidemics, a necessary step before making a decision of intervention.

For different projects, SAM helped characterized a combination of viable technical solutions to significantly reduce the use of pesticides in horticulture. The project was conducted in an experimental station and on farms for different crop systems: plants in pots, gerbera  and roses for cut flowers.

The prototyping of the tool and of its various modules is now stabilized  and used by experimenters  and farming consultants. Tests on various crops systems helped validate some combinations of levers, under some conditions and to reduce the use of pesticides by more than 50%.

11:00 am – 12:00 pm
PlacoHB: Introduction of research and first results on surface weediness to fight against adventive species without using pesticides
Speaker: Alain FERRE, Technical Manager of Arexhor experimental station - Pays de la Loire

Cover plants do bring advantages to master adventive species at the edges (between tunnels, sides of plots, etc.) of soilless crops (weediness at the surface of large pots) as of open field crops (weediness in between rows or of rows). This project is financed by the French Agency for Biodiversity and groups 15 partners from the ornamental, arboriculture, wine growing and market gardening sectors. The objective is to identify perennial plants that can be used in the above-mentioned areas. This presentation introduces the project actions and the first results.

12:00 pm – 12:30 pm
Pathogen early detection tools
Speaker: Marc-Antoine CANNESAN, Experiment project manager - ASTREDHOR Seine-Manche

Pathogens are responsible for substantial damage on plants. Different methods are used to fight them but some diseases are still a concern either because of a lack of existing solutions to address them or because of a lack of overall knowledge. It can also be difficult to diagnose and detect pathogens on plants. Ideally, we should be able to identify and quantify the existing pathogens even before the symptoms appear, so as to anticipate an efficient fighting strategy. Under such conditions, pathogen early detection tools are all the more relevant.


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