CTIFL / FRUITS technical meeting: management of apple tree fungal diseases - Let's adapt our practices

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  • Agronomy and production techniques
- Salons LOIRE - 09h30 - 12h30


Apple trees are particularly sensitive to fungal diseases and cultivating them means protecting them against some fungi to avoid death of trees and to obtain a marketable healthy crop. Society, i.e. the consumers, the media, people active in selling, is asking the producers to modify their practices and to limit the use of synthetic fungicides-based treatments. With the examples of three apple tree fungal diseases; two known ones, scab and canker, and a developing one, Colletotrichum, we will look at the protection methods and at the possible changes in our practices. We must first question the efficiency of our treatment. Benoit Barrès from ANSES, will introduce the national monitoring plan of scab resistance to synthetic fungicides as well as the acquired results. Vincent Philion from IRDA in Canada, will also introduce the monitoring results of the disease resistance to fungicides. He will tackle the question of product leaching and of pre-application. We will take the opportunity of his presence to talk about the changes in practice adopted in Canada, notably the use of potassium bicarbonate. With the case of Colletotrichum, a growing disease, Michel Giraud from Ctifl, will illustrate the necessary methods to know how and when to make a treatment. It is necessary to know the disease better and to carry out laboratory and field tests. Finally, with the apple tree canker, an old but always present and difficult to control disease, Fanny Le Berre from La Morinière station, will introduce the epidemiological studies carried out La Morinière as well as experiments to better target protection.  Matty Polfliet from Fruit Consult will present the fighting methods adopted in the Netherlands and possible efficiency improvements.

  • 9:30     Welcome of participants
  • 10:00   Project and interim report about the resistance of scab to fungicides in France
    Benoit BARRES, ANSES
  • 10:20   Scab management in Canada. Assessment of resistance, study about the leaching of protection products and new practices
    Vincent PHILION, IRDA Canada
  • 10:40   Questions
  • 10:50   Colletotrichum, a growing disease. State of knowledge about the disease and the type of protection 
    Michel GIRAUD, CTIFL
  • 11:10   European canker in the Loire Valley – epidemiology, experiments and protection methods 
    Fanny LE BERRE, La Morinière
  • 11:30   Management of European canker in the Netherlands - Context, experiments and fighting methods
    Matty POLFLIET, Fruit consulting Belgium

11:50   Conclusion 
Claude COUREAU CTIFL / La Morinière


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