Euroviti - IFV Symposium: water management – how to optimise hygienic procedure to reduce effluents

  • Wine Growing
  • All sectors
  • Agronomy and production techniques
- Salle MAINE - 09h30 - 13h00
Speakers : Jean-Michel DESSEIGNE, IFV Rhône-Méditerranée / Christophe DUPEROUX, Diversey / Eric LAURENT, Cave Coopérative Robert et Marcel


Water is a key input for the production of wine. Hygienic operations (cleaning, detartrating and disinfection), the major part of water consumption in a wine cellar, are necessary to guarantee the nutritional and health qualities of wines. They are also necessary in order to retain the productivity level of equipment over time as the latter face a cleanability problem leading to a high consumption of water whatever the importance or nature of the production.

Environmental constraints due to effluent treatment are necessary for the conservation of natural resources but their cost is getting higher for the users

The challenges are clear: limit water consumption and reduce effluents. Our industry knows the interest of a better management of water. It is clearly reflected in the investments made (materials, soils, wine cellar design). The 2019 edition of the EUROVITI symposium thus aims at looking at the progress made in this sector. The vision of each stakeholder will be introduced. After reminding the challenges and the need to reduce effluents, collective actions will be presented. Some results from applied research will confirm possible optimisations of water usage at the various stages of hygienic operations. Perspectives for the use of detergent and disinfecting formulations will also be mentioned as well as new disinfection technologies. An oenologist, in charge of production, and discussion with the audience will conclude this morning session.


09:45              Welcome and Introduction

Olivier Brault, President of the Pôle Val de Loire-Centre - Institut Français de la Vigne et du Vin

10:00              Lectures

  • 10:00 (20+5)   “Introduction: Water flows in cellars” Pascal POUPAULT IFV Val de Loire-Centre
  • 10:25 (20+5)   “How an industry can manage water. A priority for CIVB” Jeanne-Marie VOIGT, CIVB 
  • 10:50 (20+5)   “Optimising water usage in a wine cellar and equipment cleanability” Jean-Michel DESSEIGNE, IFV Rhône-Méditerranée
  • 11:15 (20+5)   “The Role of water in hygienic procedures (regulation, residues, new materials)” Christophe DUPEROUX, Diversey
  • 11:40 (20+5)   “Alternate Techniques for cleaning and disinfection in a wine cellar" Christophe HERMON, CTCPA, Nantes
  • 12:05 (20+5)   “Testimony: water management in the Robert and Marcel cooperative wine cellar” Eric LAURENT, Cave Coopérative Robert et Marcel


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