Sival's commitments

Organized by Destination Angers, SIVAL promotes the development of the plant sectors.


Our commitments

  • Destination Angers, SPL serving the local economy, establishes the guidelines for SIVAL in collaboration with stakeholders in the plant sector, and ensures that the content and development priorities of the show promote the development of local industries. Destination Angers is supported by VEGEPOLYS and the members of the Organizing Committee.
  • Destination Angers selects providers that share its values and based on their commitment to the three dimensions of sustainable development.

SIVAL, an eco-friendly trade show

Each year, the SIVAL organizing team seeks to achieve new goals in terms of eco-friendly design.


Implementation of Sorting and Reclamation Units - Recycling of carpets

Since the 2010 event, SIVAL has set up U.T.V (Sorting and recovery unit) on site allowing exhibitors to sort their waste as much as possible during the assembly and dismantling of the event, in order to recover the waste generated as well and as much as possible.

  • Every year the Exhibition Centre generates 136 tonnes of waste (through the organised or hosted exhibitions), out of which 51 tonnes are reclaimed.

The carpets used for the stands and walkways are recyclable and recycled. After the exhibition the carpets are sent back to the supplier who will recycle them. The carpets are notably turned into car underlay mats

  • 57% of the carpet laid at the trade fairs was recycled and turned into car underlay

The general installation of SIVAL

SIVAL was using equipment belonging to Destination Angers, stored on site (thus requiring no transport) and assembled by the exhibition venue's technical team:

  • wooden partitions
  • stand structures
  • electrical connections
  • spotlights

The wooden partitions are:

  • locally made
  • studied for their lightness to facilitate the work of the assembly teams. Today, 80% of the partitions weigh less than 20kg. The stock is regularly renewed.

SIVAL encourages the use of public transport

SIVAL encourages the use of public transport to reduce its carbon footprint:

  • Shuttles from the train station.
  • SIVAL pays 50% of the travel expenses of groups of 12 or more from agricultural cooperatives.
  • Carpooling is encouraged on the website :

SIVAL promotes communication every year

SIVAL promotes communication each year on the following topics through its program of conferences and seminars:

  • protecting the environment by changing agricultural practices.
  • protecting agricultural workers through the SIVAL Innovation competition, through a partnership with MSA, member of the Organizing Committee.
  • promoting organic production: list of organic productions, conferences on organic farming.


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