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Angers, the capital city for specialised plants

Production, higher education, research… Angers is the city if you want to work or study in the “plant” industry. Hosting the head office of VEGEPOLYS, the Plant International Cluster, Angers is attracting professionals and students from all over the world. The world famous sweetness of its weather and the expertise of professionals heightened the reputation of this industry in the region.

The European Union logically decided to set up the Community Plant Variety Office, its office for the protection of plant varieties,.

Angers and the area around are also home to the largest companies and institutions of the plant industry.



Key Numbers:

For two centuries, plants have been the speciality of Angers and the city remains at the forefront of the sector in terms of production, training and research:

  • 5,000 jobs in specialist plant production companies
  • 450 plant experts (researchers, engineers and technicians)
  • 2,500 students in France’s leading plant production training centre
  • Participation of VEGEPOLYS, the world competitiveness cluster

VEGEPOLYS : added value in PLANTS

VEGEPOLYS is a world-class cluster for the production (cropping practices) of specialized plants respectful of the environment, health and biodiversity. VEGEPOLYS established two goals to face society issues:

  • Create plants that will lead to a lower use of inputs and positive impacts on biodiversity, health and environment.
  • Create "differentiation factor" plants to open new markets and therefore improve company's competitiveness.

VEGEPOLYS, as partner to and a principal actor within SIVAL, is actively involved in promoting the trade fair.
SIVAL is a key event linked to both VEGEPOLYS and the local area, and it is the only event to gather all sectors of the cluster around their production issues.



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