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FRUIT2050, the European Fruit Production Event at SIVAL!

See you on January 14-15, 2020!

SIVAL, the International Exhibition for Specialised Plant Production - Parc des Expositions d'Angers, January 14-16, 2020 - will host the second Fruit 2050 event.

This major forward-thinking occasion, aimed at professionals in the European fruit sector, will focus on the challenges of tomorrow's fruit production throughout three key conferences.

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided for each conference.

Download the programme.


Fruit Crops in the Context of Climate Change: Looking Ahead to Get Ahead.CONFÉRENCE - VEGEPOLYS GIS FRUITS SYMPOSIUM - FRUIT 2050 SIVAL ANGERS

Fruit crops' vulnerability to climate change is a major cause for concern for the industry and a challenge for professionals, technical and scientific institutions. While climate forecasts remain uncertain, various impacts and changes in behaviour have already been observed in crops, especially in terms of phenology, fruit quality and outbreaks of diseases.

Partie 1 -  Overview of domestic and international projects in response to climate change, featuring case studies on apricots, grapes and Corsican clementines

  • Main impacts of climate change on fruit trees. 
    Inaki GARCIA DE CORTAZAR ATAURI - INRA Avignon; Agroclim Platform
  • Apricot adaptation strategies regarding climate change in hot production zones. 
  • Taking climate change into account in the vineyard: feedback from the Laccave project. 
  • Corsican clementines: A current victim of the consequences of climate change and strategies introduced.  
    Olivier PAILLY - INRA Corsica

Partie 2 -  Professionals and scientists recount their experiences and findings, and share strategies they envisage 

  • Orchards in Anjou, Jacques MALAGIÉ
  • The Occitanian Fruit and Vegetable FederationRaphaël MARTINEZ
  • Gradilis Research, François CHEVALIER
  • Cooplim, Françoise BESSE
  • INRA, Jean-Michel LEGAVE

>> Tuesday, January 14, 2-4pm (MAINE Room)



Press Club 360°

For the first time, the SIVAL is organising an International Press Club with the aim of sharing information on a given theme. For this 1 st  edition of the Club, a dedicated conference has been organised as part of Fruit 2050 to focus on certain methods and strategies, implemented in a set of countries and with a direct climate change connection. Articles written prior to the SIVAL by international Club journalists will serve to underpin the thrust of this conference.  
There will be a focus on the following countries: Switzerland, Hungary, Algeria, Morocco, Finland, Chile, Italy and Germany. 

>> Tuesday, January 14, 5-6pm (MAINE Room)

Download here the book of the 2020 International Press Club



Will climate change alter our tree growing practices?CONFÉRENCE - FRUIT 2050 SIVAL ANGERS

The scientific community worldwide has now recognised the reality of climate change. By 2050, we will be faced with higher temperatures, fluctuating rainfall and more frequent and extreme weather events. What will be the impact of such weather patterns on the French tree growing industry? Is now the time to adapt our production systems? Several areas of reflection will be explored.

  • Introduction to the forum
  • Presentation of the study “Agri-food sectors and adaptation to climate change” with a special focus on work conducted in the Loire region apple sector.  
    Audrey Trévisiol, ADEME Angers
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Effects of climate change on biological pests in orchards. 
    Jérôme JULLIEN, French Ministry of Agriculture, Food Division
  • Department for Plant Protection, Quality and Health.
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Will access to irrigation be restricted? Envisaging collective water management. 
    M. Mourad HANNACHI, INRA AgroParisTech.
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Apples and weather-dependent consumption. 
  • Discussion/Questions
  • Can we improve and leverage the carbon footprint in orchards? 
    Josselin Saint Raymond, French Apple and Pear Association 
  • Conclusion

>> Wednesday, January 15, 9.30am-12.30pm (LOIRE rooms)

For more information on this event, contact Morgane SAGLIO - ph. 02 41 93 40 54



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