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Relive the 2022 event!

SIVAL, the International Exhibition for Specialised Plant Production - Parc des Expositions d'Angers, March 15-16, 2022 - hosted the second Fruit 2050 event.

This major forward-thinking occasion, aimed at professionals in the European fruit sector, focused on the challenges of tomorrow's fruit production throughout three key conferences.

Simultaneous interpretation was provided for each conference.



Can plant breeding reconcile environmental issues and consumer demands?

Variety selection is one of the tools at our disposal to build a sustainable agriculture that respects the environment. Today, fruit production is faced with a number of problems, which can be exacerbated by climatic hazards: new pests, increased pressure caused by diseases, greater abiotic stresses, etc. These issues also face the demands of consumers, who are more demanding in terms of product quality and sustainability. However, variety creation in arboriculture is a long and complex process. How does varietal selection take into account environmental and societal issues?

During this symposium, the various presentations will illustrate different points of view (French and foreign research, French companies), types of production and fruit species with regard to this theme. Following these presentations, a round table will give you the opportunity to speak and discuss with actors from different backgrounds: notably researchers, experimenters, breeders, producers and representatives of consumer associations.

>> Tuesday, March 15, 2-4pm (MAINE Room)



Elsewhere: How are environmental issues being addressed in fruit and vegetable production?

>> Tuesday, March 15, 5-6pm (MAINE Room)



Plant material is the foundation of an orchard. A good foundation is essential to develop a sustainable and resilient orchard. Varietal selection in arboriculture today faces many challenges. Orchards planted today will have to produce for 10 to 20 years depending on tCONFÉRENCE - FRUIT 2050 SIVAL ANGERShe species. The varieties planted today will therefore have to face and adapt to climate change, warmer winters, heat waves, water stress or excess, emerging pests, while remaining competitive.

Producers and consumers alike want "low-input" crops, limiting chemical interventions and fertiliser inputs. Consumers are looking for a "beautiful" product, attractive, "appealing", with an optimal taste quality, to satisfy them and provoke an act of repurchase "without bad surprises". Good shelf life and availability on the shelves all year round, as far as possible, also seem to complete the equation.

Can varietal selection meet all these expectations? Is it able to innovate sufficiently and quickly to meet these multiple requirements? Using the examples of apples and "small red fruits", we will try to define the challenges of variety selection for our future orchards and the real expectations of consumers, as well as how we select today for tomorrow and whether all these requirements are compatible.  

>> Wednesday, March 16, 10am-12am (LOIRE rooms)



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