Fruit 2050, the European foresight event to build the sector fruit of tomorrow


Fruit 2050 gets a makeover!

Born in 2018, Fruit 2050 is a biannual event that aims to "imagine tomorrow's fruit production". Since then, 4 editions have been held at SIVAL, with different formats and topics covered.

In 2024, Fruit 2050 adopted a new format:

  • A unique conference featuring experts, producers and journalists from all over the world.
  • Themed tours to immerse you in the theme.
  • A cocktail expo combining examples and initiatives, exchanges between participants and speakers.


Fruit 2050 is SIVAL's tool for raising the profile of fruit on a European scale, and looks forward to its 5th edition in 2026.

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Fruit 2050 program

Guided tours, conferences, round tables, exhibitions, discussions... Find out all about the program for the 2024 edition of Fruit 2050 in a dedicated document.

HR at Sectors Fruits: tomorrow's challenge?

For this 2024 edition, human resources issues came to the fore, with growers finding it difficult to identify concrete solutions. Indeed, in the fruit-growing sector, human resources issues are manifold. From managing the seasonal workforce to promoting sustainable practices, and including the adoption of new practices, technologies and tools. Effective management of human resources and associated skills is crucial to the success of this sector, while meeting quality, safety and sustainability standards.

The main human resources challenges in this sector are manifold:

  • Seasonal workforce: increasingly scarce and difficult to retain.
  • Working conditions: ensuring safety, health and respect for rights.
  • Training and skills: adequate training is needed to prepare and maintain workers' skills and improve product quality.
  • Technology and automation: the adoption of technologies such as mechanization, automation and drones is having an impact on labor requirements. The human resources challenges are to integrate these technologies effectively and to train staff to use them.
  • Sustainability and regulatory compliance: sustainable farming practices and compliance with environmental and food safety regulations are increasingly important. We need to ensure compliance and follow-up.
  • Managing labor costs: maintaining profitability while offering fair and equitable working conditions.
  • Generational renewal: how can we make our professions more attractive to future generations?


Fruit 2050 aimed to identify the issues facing the arboricultural sector. The contributions of numerous players, feedback from experience and immersion in the heart of each issue have helped to highlight solutions to meet these challenges.

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