5 reasons to exhibit at SIVAL


SIVAL is held during the third week of January, typically a slow period for plant production professionals. SIVAL is scheduled at the best time of the year.

Location: Angers - a plant hot spot

  • Angers, home to VEGEPOLYS, the plant competitive cluster.
  • Angers, in the heart of the Western France, a major production area.

The only trade show dedicated to all types of plant productions

A world-class professional showcase, SIVAL is the only trade show in France to present a comprehensive and impressive offering for all plant production sectors

  • A strong multi-sector offering, including the major names in farm machinery present or represented.
  • The largest offering in France for the fruit and vegetable sector: SIVAL is the only trade show in France to boast the largest representation of seed companies, seedling suppliers and nurseries.
  • A diverse and impressive offering for viticulture and horticultural crops.
  • A unique offering in France for medicinal and aromatic plants and cider production.

Innovation and forecasting: the best crops

The SIVAL Organizing Committee, composed of Vegepolys and plant professionals, prepares a rich program of conferences and events each year designed to generate traffic to the show and stimulate discussions.

  • A colloquium and conference program hold by our national partners: CTIFL Technical Interviews, Euroviti Colloquium, IFPC Cider Interviews, Seeds Interviews, Bio Conferences, VEGEPOLYS Conferences...
  • A SIVAL Forum to explore and talk about new possibilities and new practices
  • SIVAL Innovation Contest with a special award focused on Varietal Innovation and AGREEN STARTUP Contest

An effective networking tool

  • 84% of exhibitors consider visitors as concerned or very concerned, and appreciate the quality of the SIVAL visitorship.
  • 81.5% of exhibitors are satisfied with the general organization of the show.
  • 84.3% of exibitors achieved their goals to strengthen they notoriety, 77.8% to promote new products, 70.3% to deal with new business partners and 67.5% to transact business.