Angers Green Destination

Angers, the capital city for specialised plants




Players of tomorrow’s plant sector meet in Angers!

- An Angers speciality for centuries, influence beyond borders

- Exceptional concentration of players from the whole sector: training, research, companies

- Precious knowhow: abilities to innovate in response to the plant challenges of today and tomorrow

- Territory of discoveries and exchanges around plants: for professionals, students, inhabitants and tourists

- Remarkable landscape heritage: Top Greenest City in France, Val de Loire listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site
To find out more about plants in Angers, download the "Angers & Plants" booklet


Some key data:

- 5,000 jobs dedicated to the plant sector in the Angers Loire Métropole area

- 1st French training centre for the plant sector (3,000 students)

- 1st national horticultural research center (450 experts)

- Angers “Greenest city in France” (2014, 2017 and 2020 rankings by the Green Cities Observatory)


“Angers, where we explore, cultivate, savour and live nature…”

SIVAL is part of the events that contribute to the “Angers Supernature” dynamic. At the service of the preservation of heritage and the development of nature in the city, this approach aims to: make the territory known and recognized; federate energies (whether professional or amateur, individual or collective).
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VEGEPOLYS VALLEY is a world-class cluster for the production (cropping practices) of specialized plants respectful of the environment, health and biodiversity. VEGEPOLYS VALLEY established two goals to face society issues:

  • Create plants that will lead to a lower use of inputs and positive impacts on biodiversity, health and environment.
  • Create "differentiation factor" plants to open new markets and therefore improve company's competitiveness.

VEGEPOLYS VALLEY, as partner to and a principal actor within SIVAL, is actively involved in promoting the trade fair.
SIVAL is a key event linked to both VEGEPOLYS VALLEY and the local area, and it is the only event to gather all sectors of the cluster around their production issues.