Panorama and challenges for vertical farming in the world by the Association for Vertical Farming

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- Salle MAINE - 16h00 - 17h00
Speakers : Ramin EBRAHIMNEJAD, Josephine FAVRE, Kyle BALDOCK

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The role of Association for Vertical Farming in a modern food system ​
Ramin EBRAHIMNEJAD, Education and Agricultural Training Director at AAVF - Press and Media Manager at AVF

If we recognize the importance of resilient food systems in a changing climate Vertical Farming is 
going to be indispensable part of our modern cities, if the same trends in food production and 
consumption rate continue, an additional and unavailable 1 billion hectares of arable lands will be 
required to feed the world by 2050.  
•  Why do we need Vertical Farming now? 
•  Benefits and challenges 
•  Current state of the industry 
•  Future  

Help Africa Sustain Africa 
Josephine FAVRE, President of AAVF - Head of Marketing and Communication at AVF

Africa's food shortage and poverty has decreased from 53% to 43% since 1990. However, there is 
still immense pressure on food production and distribution systems due to rising populations and 
rapid urbanization. African farmers lack the appropriate support and expertise necessary to implement 
the sustainable, suitable and appropriate transition to an urban farming infrastructure. With power 
failure still ubiquitous in many African cities, the success of urban farming strategies has been slow 
to develop; it is clear that investment and innovation are needed to turn a promising opportunity into 
something more viable. 

Decentralizing Supply Chains in African Food Markets. 
Kyle BALDOCK, Business and Project Development Director at AAVF - Chief Correspondent at AVF

I will talk about applying the AVF model in South Africa and how membership in the association can 
help  individual  urban  farmers  more  effectively  coordinate  their  means  of  production.  Specific examples will be usediand it will be question about applied research innovations in 
agri-finance, food transport and growing methods. 


The Association for Vertical Farming is an internationally active nonprofit organization of 
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