SIVAL Communication Plan

Why don't you take advantage of SIVAL Communication ?

SIVAL starts advertising in September in all the national specialist journals in all sectors - fruit and vegetables, wine, horticulture, cider, seeds, organics etc.

And  that's not including the departmental agricultural press.

We also run a web campaign, which is larger than ever before this year, on press websites and agricultural information websites.


Print and Web mailings

  • 80 newsletters and nearly 80 000 print mailing and emailing campaigns over France and Europe (focused by sector: fruit, vegetable, wine, cider....)
  • Promotion of the event on social networks Twitter and Facebook
  • Around 100 print and web advertisement space
  • Region and nation-wide press relations: National press conference in November, Conference with local journalists in December.... Press releases in July, November, December and January.
  • Videos and interviews (partners, participants, institutional)