Ecophyto: an analysis of agricultural systems' multi-performance to assess and improve their overall sustainability going beyond a mere reduction in phytosanitary products

  • All sectors
  • Agronomy and production techniques
- Salons LOIRE - 14h00 - 16h30
Speakers : Vincent Faloya - UMR IGEPP - INRA – Agrocampus – Université de Rennes / Guillaume Gastaldi – Conseiller Viticulture – IR DEPHY - Chambre d’agriculture Pays de la Loire / Anne Guérin - Ingénieure d’expérimentation - Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles

Vincent Faloya - UMR IGEPP - INRA – Agrocampus –Rennes University
DEXiPM-FV multi-criteria assessment model, ex-ante vegetable crop systems

Guillaume Gastaldi – Wine growing advisor – IR DEPHY – Chamber of Agriculture - Pays de la Loire
Going from one-off advice to strategy consulting for a farming system. One approach to favour multi-performance of wine growing estates.

Anne Guérin – Experiment Engineer - Institut Français des Productions Cidricoles
Assessing the multi-performance of low-input cider orchards. Example and comparison of three methods tested in the cider orchard for tomorrow experimental system.

From tests in station to advice to producers, many ongoing actions aim at reducing the use of phytosanitary products; the main indicator being the Treatment Frequency Index. This necessary indicator must however not be only one. To be sustainable, crop or farm system evolutions must integrate many other multi-performance aspects. We must look at many indicators for the sustainability of systems:

  • technical ones (agronomic, production, or contamination management, product quality, etc.)
  • economic ones (varied and numerous, to be adapted to each sector of activity
  • environmental (impact reduction, energy balance, greenhouse gases, soil fertility, etc.)
  • social one (organisation and duration of working time, user’s health, job image, etc.).

Overall approaches for multi-performance have led to the setting up of analysis methods over the past years. Concrete examples will be mentioned, but we will also see how to go from theory to practice in the various support stages


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